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Beauty In All Things


Mar 1, 2013 Chairs, Furniture Comments are off

You may not see anything too modern in our store, but we certainly appreciate all things beautiful.
Herman Miller recently posted an article you should definitely check out here, about a Modern Medici chair and we couldn’t be more impressed.

This chair is made from 3 planks of wood…and that’s it! It is beautiful! We may not be selling this beauty for another 100 years. When it reaches antique status, we’d gladly put it in our collection. Look at it, just look at it. The thing about good design is that it is beautiful even after the trend is gone. Furniture is a hard thing to purchase, because we can’t always afford to purchase furniture as quickly as the trends change. Finding a piece that has stood the test of time is always a treat! Knowing it has endured the elements for 100 years can ensure it won’t be rotting in a landfill in another 100 years.